International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

IUTAM Symposium on Computer Models in Biomechanics: from Nano to Macro

August 29 - September 02, 2011

Stanford University, California, USA

Welcome to the 2011 IUTAM Symposium on Computer Models in Biomechanics


The computational modeling of biomechanics and mechanobiology is one of the most exciting, and, at the same time, one of the most challenging problems of mechanics in the 21st century. Mechanical modeling and computational simulations in biology hold promise to provide new insight into complex multiscale and multiphysics phenomena of living tissue: The quantitative analysis of biomechanical processes on the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ levels might enable reliable predictions of the progression of various types of disease. This may allow us, within the next decade or two, to perform real time, patient specific simulations to guide the design of optimal treatment strategies. To live up to these tremendous expectations, research in computational biomechanics must be highly multidisciplinary. The goal of this IUTAM symposium is therefore to bring together leading experts in cell mechanics, continuum mechanics, computational mechanics, bioengineering, and regenerative medicine to encourage critical discussion and identify important trends and directions in computational biomechanics.

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